Terms of Purchase

Ticket purchaser agrees to all of the following terms and policies:

1. LocalTickets.com – LocalTickets.com is acting as a ticketing service provider between producer and ticket purchaser for specific events. LocalTickets.com assumes no liability incidental to the event for which tickets are sold or purchased. Ticket purchaser assumes all risks associated with attendance of events whether obtaining tickets through LocalTickets.com services or any other means of obtaining access to venue and hereby holds LocalTickets.com harmless in case of losses or gains, material or immaterial, associated with attending or not-attending an event, a series of events, or any combination thereof.

2. Service Fee – Ticket purchasers will pay a service fee consisting of a percentage of the face value of each event ticket. LocalTickets.com strives to keep our service fees amongst the lowest in the industry while maintaining our ability to provide top-notch service to both event producers and attendees. The service fee is required in order to offset costs associated with providing the ticketing service including, but not limited to: hardware, software licensing, transaction processing services, labor, and support.

3. Ticket Delivery and Redemption – When a ticket is purchased, the purchaser will receive a receipt by email. The email will direct the purchaser to print the receipt. THE RECEIPT and PHOTO IDENTIFICATION must be presented to Will Call in order to redeem tickets and/or entry into event. Refunds will not be granted if ticket purchaser or fails to provide the receipt and/or photo identification. Ticket purchaser understands and agrees that ticket purchaser’s name, city and state of residence will be released to Event Producer in order to ensure ticket purchaser identity. Alternative methods of redemption and attendee validation including software and hardware solutions for scanning digital or print tickets may also be utilized depending on the event needs or venue capabilities.

4. Canceled/Rescheduled Events – Producers or others outside the control of LocalTickets.com may cancel or reschedule events. It is at the producer’s discretion whether to refund the ticket price or exchange the tickets for a similarly equivalent event should a cancellation or rescheduling occur. LocalTickets.com will notify any ticket purchasers how to exchange event specific tickets, or obtain ticket price refunds, should an event be cancelled or rescheduled. Service charges and mailing costs will not be refunded in the event of a canceled or rescheduled event.

5. Pricing, Availability and Seating

a. Event ticket prices are set by the event producer, not LocalTickets.com. For most ticket sales in the United States and for events with ticket sales in U.S. Dollars, the LocalTickets.com service fee is 11% of the face value of each event ticket. There may be certain events for which LocalTickets.com service fees will be higher, and/or times when a separate venue fee may be added by the event organizer or the venue.

b. The number of tickets sold for an event is set by the event producer, not LocalTickets.com. LocalTickets.com will not be held liable for ticket over sales. Should tickets be oversold by the producer, the producer has discretion as to the method of refund, including but not limited to event price refund, or ticket exchange for a similarly equivalent event. Should over sale occur, only whole, non-perforated tickets will be refunded or exchanged.

c. Venue seating charts are provided by producer, and/or the venue, not LocalTickets.com. LocalTickets.com is not responsible for incorrect seating information, or ticket holder dissatisfaction with selected seating. Any seating dispute is between ticket purchaser and producer and/or venue. Service charges and mailing costs will not be refunded if event tickets are oversold, or if a ticket purchaser is dissatisfied with selected seating.

6. Lost, Stolen, Destroyed Tickets – Lost, stolen, delayed, damaged, or destroyed tickets will not be replaced or refunded, including tickets lost, stolen, delayed, damaged, or destroyed during delivery to ticket purchaser.

7. Refunds and Exchanges – All sales are final. Please review ticket ordering information carefully prior to ticket purchase. LocalTickets.com will not refund or exchange tickets, unless event is canceled or rescheduled (see Canceled/Rescheduled Events above).

8. Privacy Policy – Please review our full privacy policy, the contents of which are included by reference, located at https://eventsque.com/privacy-policy/.

9. Order Cancellation – LocalTickets.com reserves the right to cancel ticket orders for any reason, not limited to incorrect billing information and/or fraudulent ticket purchasing.

10. Resale of Tickets – Tickets purchased through LocalTickets.com are for individual use only and not for resale. Resale will automatically void tickets, barring refunds, exchanges, and entry into event.

11. Disputes – Any dispute brought by the ticket purchaser against LocalTickets.com will be governed by the State of Kansas. It is agreed that in the event any legal action is instituted against LocalTickets.com, ticket purchaser agrees that jurisdiction and venue will be in the Federal District of Kansas at Kansas City, Kansas, United States.

12. Effective Date – These terms, conditions and policies are effective as of September 14, 2021.

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